Other Gauntlet-inspired games have made up for their simple combat with role-playing elements that compel you to keep finding better and better equipment. In the new game, differences between the characters still are minor at best. The story also flubs an opportunity to give the four main characters in Gauntlet any sort of personality. Basically, playing the game with friends just makes for less stuff for any one of you to kill. Use palavras-chave para achar o que procura. Performed with the touch of the D pad, these moves send all the foes around you flying, and can quickly destroy generators to boot. Seven Sorrows is decent but unremarkable.

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Xbox Games em Português. Realms of Everquest PS2. Use palavras-chave para achar o que procura. Seven Sorrows from picking up any steam. Yes, you’ll hear an enigmatic announcer say things like “red warrior needs food, badly” when you’re running low on health, and a few audio cues such as for when you grab a key will sound familiar. Probably the most obvious tie-in to the original game is that Gauntlet:

Seems this emperor once betrayed his four mightiest defenders by attempting to steal their immortality for his own personal gain.

gauntlet seven sorrows ps2

Seven Sorrows, the same moves and tactics you’ll gaunlet using right from the start will carry you all the way to the end. You earn experience points as you defeat hordes of foes, and you’ll also find gold sorrows in each level, which you can use to purchase new attacks and combos between stages.

gauntlet seven sorrows ps2

Whether you play alone or with friends, you’ll find Gauntlet’s gameplay to be simple and repetitive to a fault. What’s more, the game is really gauuntlet at the normal difficulty level, save for a fairly tough next-to-last boss.


That’s pss2 because the game’s camera perspective is close enough to your character that it seems you never get to see more than maybe a dozen bad guys at a time. Aided in this treachery by six scheming advisors, the emperor still ended up losing his life, because his plan more or less backfired. Seven Sorrows, there’s rarely a situation that you couldn’t easily handle by yourself, and there’s nothing about the way the game is structured to really foster cooperation.

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Please Sign In to rate Gauntlet: Many of these moves are practically useless, but you might as well buy them for the sake of it, because you’ll have earned enough gold gauntlft completely max out your character’s arsenal by about the halfway point of the game just a few hours in.

The warrior, elf, valkyrie, and wizard return in Gauntlet: But the bloodless hack-and-slash combat lacks any real impact, and there are only a few times when you really feel like you’re getting flooded by foes.

Knights of the Temple: Brief story sequences introduce each of the game’s levels, but once the action starts, the plot takes a backseat. You’ll hear your character grunting and groaning, and the announcer chiming in with the same few comments over and over. Use palavras-chave para achar o que procura. Seven Sorrows is an attempt to revive an old game, but instead it just seems really old itself.

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (PS2) [ B ] – Bem vindo(a) à nossa loja virtual

There’s really no story progression during the actual missions, and the whole thing comes to a straightforward conclusion as you gauuntlet down the advisors one after the next. Higher difficulty vauntlet make enemies stronger and reduce the number of lives you have to complete each level, but don’t fundamentally address any of the game’s main problems.

While the four fighters do look different, in practice they play pretty much identically, so there’s little replay value to be gained from reattempting the game’s levels using different characters. No modo cooperativo também é possível realizar ataques combinados.


The Wrath of Cortex PS2. Enemies will spew forth from generators liberally strewn throughout the environments, so you’ll find yourself gauntlst and slashing almost nonstop as you go. Gauntlet’s role-playing elements are paper-thin, too.

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Justice League Heroes PS2. Seven Sorrows PS2 [B]. Seven Sorrows, a short, forgettable game that seems content merely to copy the design of its ancient predecessor rather than introduce any noteworthy twists or updates to a formula that’s been driven into the ground over the years. You’re Good to Go!

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The story also flubs an opportunity to give the four main characters in Gauntlet any sort of personality. The Lord of the Rings: The latest of these is Gauntlet: Probably the most interesting thing about Gauntlet: Other Platform Reviews for Gauntlet: You do find weapon and armor upgrades on occasion, but these seem mostly cosmetic and have no obvious impact on the action. This action is about as mindless as it gets. Featuring a memorable assortment of heroes and monsters as well as one of gaintlet first successful implementations of four-player cooperative gameplay in an arcade game, Gauntlet quickly became a classic.

The narrative is told from the perspective of an emperor’s ghost.